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Water and oil

by Melanie Young on February 17, 2022
What's the difference between moisturizer, balm, face oil and serum? And how do I use them?

I get these questions a lot

And I get it. It's tricky.
Below I have outlined the different attributes and their application. I have one golden rule for moisturizing ; "water + oil"

Serums - these are water based and light on the skin. They add water and specific ingredients to your skin but they aren't very moisturizing on their own. If using a serum this should be the first step of your moisturising morning and night

Moisturizer - these are made with water,oil and waxes. They can be used on their own to moisturize skin

Balms- these are made with wax and oils (last step of skincare routine)

Face oils - these are purely oil (last step of skincare routine)

*Face balm and face oil fulfill the same function. You don't need to apply both at the same time

The thing to remember when moisturizing your skin is that ideally you want to use both water and oil on your skin every time you are moisturizing

The water component can sink into your skin and hydrate your cells and the oil component nourishes and protects your skin and it's cells

Moisturizing your skin in a way that suits you is a personal choice that depends on what you like using on your skin and also what fits into your routine. I counsel clients to be sure to use water and oil when moisturizing. That is my golden rule
The rest is up to each individual and their skins needs

So with that in mind you can use

Serum + moisturizer
Serum + balm
Serum+ oil
Serum + moisturizer+ balm or oil
Moisturizer on its own
Moisturizer + balm or oil

Balms and oils can be a bit oily for those with younger or more oily skin types. For these clients I'd recommend a very light application for daytime (perhaps mixed with moisturizer or serum) but a heavier application at night time

But for those of us with drier skin types or more mature skin, a nice amount of balm or oil is terrific for daytime and nighttime (on top of serum and or moisturizer)

I use serum and moisturizer for daytime use on face and neck
With balm also on my neck area
Then serum + moisturizer+ balm at night time

I hope this helps ✨