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At Flowerdale, we offer a whole range of Australian skincare, and beauty products that are natural and great for your mind, body, and soul. Some of our range includes our famous Beeswax Skincare Balms, made using beeswax and honey from on-farm beehives, as well as calming face oils, cleanser, moisturisers, serums and more Our range is all handmade in small batches in Country Victoria

From Our Farm To Your Face Skincare with a Kiss of Honey

For decades, I’ve been a woman on a mission.
I craved honest, simple skincare products that aren’t just natural and soothing… but also delivered real, visible results.
Unsatisfied with the chemicals and synthetics at the chemists, I learned that Cleopatra kept her skin youthful and soft with a blend of honey, beeswax and almond oil.
With a career as a chef, I knew I could recreate the recipe. And within just a few months, we were launching!
Cooking is a lot like skincare. If you give the body hearty, nutrient-dense substances, it puts them to good use. What started as something for just family and friends has grown to have international acclaim for one reason: it works!
Fine lines and creases are erased.
Skin is rejuvenated and brightened.
Elasticity returns.
All thanks to the holistic vitamins that end up in every bottle – many of which are harvested right here on our farm, just as when we started.
So please check out our store, and like a good neighbor, we’re here to help. Feel free to contact us any time and one of us will respond promptly!

Bee Balm- Our Best Seller

Did you know that our Bee Balm is made using beeswax and honey from our on-farm beehives? With these natural ingredients, our Bee Balm provides intense moisture for the face, hands & body, making it great as a day or night cream.

“Such an amazing product and the best customer service you will ever come across. “


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