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The Power of Lymph Drainage massage for your face and neck

by Melanie Young on June 09, 2023

What if I told you that there's a massage technique that can be easily and quickly added to your daily skincare routine and it helps to reduce puffiness, dullness and stress-induced skin problems, and can even help your skin to just look better overall?

Its lymphatic drainage massage! and yes, you can book in with a massage therapist to get one of these or you can easily learn how to do a DIY massage on your face and neck every day as you are applying your skincare.

So what is lymphatic drainage?


The lymphatic system is a network of vessels throughout the body that plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy internal environment. lots of these vessels are just under the skin in our neck and head area

Lymph fluid, a clear liquid, is collected and transported by these vessels. Unlike the circulatory system (propelled by the heart) the lymphatic system relies on muscle movement and body activity to propel the fluid.

Lymph drainage massage aids in this process by gently manipulating the lymphatic vessels, helping fluid movement and drainage.

This technique helps eliminate waste products, toxins, and excess fluids from our body tissues, promoting a healthy complexion.

 Lymph drainage massage has been utilized for centuries in practices like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 

I've only recently started doing a few lymph drainage massage techniques daily but have noticed that i have less tenderness and puffiness around my jaw and neck area already. 

How to Incorporate Lymph Drainage Massage into Your Routine: While face and neck lymphatic drainage massage is generally safe, it's important to consult a trained professional if you have health concerns and always be gentle. To get started on your own, follow these steps:

  1. Apply face oil or balm to your face.
  2. Warm up your neck and head by gently massaging the base of your neck, where your neck meets your shoulder with circular motions.
  3. Use light pressure strokes to massage your forehead from the center towards the temples.
  4. With two knuckles, stroke from under your eyes along the cheekbones towards the temples.
  5. Massage the areas in front and behind your ears using circular motions.
  6. Stroke your jawline from the center of your chin towards your ears, promoting lymphatic flow in the lower face.
  7. Stroke down the sides of your neck towards your collarbone, starting from underneath each ear.
  8. Repeat the above steps on both sides of your head and neck, maintaining a slow, rhythmic pace throughout.
  9. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water after the massage to support the lymphatic system.

Your massage can be incorporated at any stage of your skincare routine. You can do it when applying your cleansing balm or your beeswax  balm or face oil. Enjoy!


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