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Foaming Cleansers are satisfying, quick and easy and leave skin feeling squeeky clean

But are they actually good for your skin?
We have to say no. They are too harsh on your skin
Why? Because they remove your natural sebum and oils from your skin
And upset the delicate balance and pH of your skin
They can irritate, agitate and disturb your skin barrier. This leads to dehydration, dryness, sensitivity and ageing, blocked pores and acne

Foaming cleansers upset your skin’s delicate biology balance . Foaming cleansers take your skin’s pH from healthy to alkaline , which can cause dryness and irritation. They make your skin barrier less effective – a cause of sensitivity and redness. They wash away ingredients of your skin’s own natural moisturising factors – a cause of dullness and dehydration

Cause skin dehydration
Upset your skin’s pH balance
Cause dryness and irritation (even if on top your skin still looks oily)
Cause redness and sensitivity
Upset your skin’s probiotic balance
Remove your skin’s natural moisturising factors i.e. ingredients which hold onto water
Denature your skin proteins i.e. cause your skin barrier to malfunction
The bottom line: Foaming cleansers are too good at cleansing. They strip your skin of what it needs, not just dirt and oils