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why skincare is important

by Melanie Young on November 17, 2022

Why is skincare Important?

Starting a skincare routine gives us so many benefits. It helps you to look and feel better and can be a beautiful, nurturing part of your day.

And your routine does not need to be complicated

It can be as simple as using a cleanser and a moisturiser

You can add more products to your routine if you like. But when starting out, if you’d like to keep it simple, use a cleanser and a moisturiser  and enjoy these benefits

The Benefits of starting a skincare routine

  • Dead skin cells are removed, so new skin can be revealed, this helps your skin to look fresh and vibrant
  • Using a cleanser keeps your pores clean from dirt, dead skin cells, pollution, sweat and oil. Even if you don’t wear makeup, a cleanser is needed to remove all these. Otherwise skin can look dull and breakouts can happen
  • An efficient routine can treat wrinkles, prevent acne, and keep your skin looking great.
  • By applying moisturiser, your skin is given a protective layer that prevents dirt and pollution from contact with your skin. The oils, water and butters in the moisturiser actively hydrate your skin, protect your skin from water loss and make your skin look and feel softer and more moisturised.
  • Your skin will appear younger: The slower cell turnover that occurs with ageing gives you duller, less radiant skin, so removing dead skin cells reveals younger looking skin underneath
  • Your self-assurance will increase: You'll feel better about yourself and be more confident when your skin looks better.


A good, efficient skin care routine should  include the following elements:



Use a gentle cleanser and a gentle washcloth when washing your face each evening. Being gentle is key with your skincare.  We always recommend a cleansing balm as it is non foaming, non drying and does not alter the pH of your skin

Soap of any kind is too harsh for your skin (and most foaming cleansers are also in the category) They alter the pH of your skin which plays havoc with your skins natural oil balance

Your skin then has to work hard to restore its natural balance and breakouts, excess oiliness or dryness and wrinkles are the result

wholesome ingredients are so important. Quality skin-care ingredients can help your skin, much to how eating well improves your body.


A cleanser should be used every night

A cleanser isn’t necessary in the morning, when you might prefer to just have a quick rinse of your face instead but a cleanser can be used if you feel its necessary in the morning



A moisturiser adds water, oils, butter and waxes to your skin

These help to hydrate your skin and prevent water loss from your skin cells

They also add nutrients back to your skin and help skin to look and feel soft and moisturised

All traditional moisturisers/ lotions contain a mixture of oil and water which is ideal for your skin

A face oil or balm is a water free substance that ideally should be combined with or applied on top of  a product that contains water (a moisturiser or serum)

This is because your skin ideally needs water and oil for optimal hydration


So there you have it

If you are starting a skincare routine, choose a cleanser and a moisturiser and enjoy the many benefits of your new skincare routine


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