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What is beeswax and is it good for your skin?

by Melanie Young on November 18, 2022

What is beeswax and Is beeswax good for your skin?


Because of its naturally beneficial skincare properties, beeswax is one of the oldest raw materials used in skincare. But What is beeswax? It is a wax that bees produce in their bodies, specifically they produce tiny wax scales in their abdomens

They use these wax scales to build their hexagonal honeycomb. The comb is then used to store honey and pollen (their food supplies) and the queen also lays her eggs within the honeycomb cells too 

When the beekeeper harvests some honey from the hives, some beeswax is removed along with the honey

The honey and beeswax can then be separated and the beeswax is filtered and cleaned before being ready to use in skincare products

Beeswax as an ingredient is described in detail  in the “Shen Nong Book of herbs. The divine farmer’s  materia medica ” A medicinal almanac published in China 2000 years ago!! in which it was noted that beeswax was good for the circulatory system, energy levels and wound healing. It also mentions that beeswax has an anti aging effect on the complexion


This is why, since then, so many people have loved using beeswax on their skin. Cleopatra is reported to have used a beeswax and honey cream to keep her skin youthful. (this was the inspiration for the formulation of our Bee Balm) And many of the first skincare products recorded through history were made using beeswax. This is because beeswax can bind ingredients together and give structure to a products, whilst also beautifying the complexion

Skincare  Benefits:

  1. Beeswax forms a natural barrier on the skin surface, protecting skin from environmental irritants and harsh weather. Beeswax is particularly exceptional because it allows the skin to breathe, it does not clog pores, making it beneficial for acne-prone skin. This natural barrier prevents water loss keeping skin soft and hydrated.
  2. Beeswax is one of the best skin-softening ingredients and enhances skin elasticity. It is an ideal ingredient in skincare to provide texture, skin feel and aids the retention of moisture in the skin
  3. It is anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and antifungal . Making it great for all skin types but particularly beneficial for sensitive skin. And its terrific for mature skin as it lubricates and protects so well
  4. Beeswax calms the skin, promotes skin regeneration and can help to fade scars


Beeswax is an essential ingredient in our skin balms and lip balm and ointment, our beeswax products are all 100% natural and gentle on the skin

We source our beeswax from our own hives here in Country Victoria

We fell in love with the benefits of using beeswax on our skin and so we made a skin care range to share with you too



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