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Top ten uses for beeswax balms

by Melanie Young on January 02, 2023

Top Ten Uses for beeswax balm


We love our beeswax balms here at Flowerdale Valley and use them for everything!

Here are our top ten uses for beeswax balm

(please note: Meditation balm is high in essential oils and is best not used in the eye area, In the below article, I am referring to bee balm and honey bee balm) 


  1. Skin moisturiser: Natural beeswax and oils is a great way to keep the skin moisturised, that’s why beeswax is often used in skin care products and cosmetics. Because it can lock in moisture, it can help protect and heal rough, dry, or chapped skin.

Bee Balm (lavender) or Honey Bee balm (no essential oil) are great for use on hands, face, body, feet, everywhere really


In his book "How to Use Beeswax and Honey to Cure Skin Problems," Gene Ashburner says that this beeswax is high in vitamin A and has emollient properties that soften and rehydrate the skin and help the healthy development of cells. Another plus for using beeswax on your face  is that beeswax won't clog pores because it isn't comedogenic.

Not only is a beeswax balm a  natural way to treat dry skin, but you can also use it to keep your skin from getting dry in the first place.


  1. Night cream

Apply your favourite beeswax balm as a night cream to get all those beeswax benefits while you sleep


  1. For your neck and decolletage area: this area often needs intense moisturisation because its so often exposed to the sun and other elements

Using a beeswax balm here daily helps your skin to look and feel moisturised, The appearance of saggy neck or textured skin is reduced straight away and over time, the appearance can be improved somewhat with regular use of a beeswax balm

  1. for acne or blocked pores

Beeswax is one of the best-known things you can do to treat acne. Research shows that it has strong antiseptic, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties that make it useful for treating acne, especially because it is high in vitamin A.


It's also a great way to soften and moisturise the skin, which helps keep it smooth after acne is gone.


  1. Heals chapped, dry lips

Beeswax is the best lip balm because it has natural moisturisers that keep lips soft. If you have cracked or chapped lips, you can get much-needed relief from natural beeswax lip balm


  1. It helps treat chafing and skin infections caused by fungi.

Fungal skin infections and chafing are both annoying, but beeswax can help treat them. Because it is anti-inflammatory, it can help ease the pain of chafing and fungal skin infections. It can also help stop the itching by keeping the skin moist. For this you might also like to try our honey and calendula ointment

With a higher percentage of honey than a beeswax balm and with the addition of shea butter and calendula, you will love the benefits of our ointment. Please note, please see a doctor for anything more than a mild condition


7.As a sleep balm

For children or for yourself, our beeswax balms are great for a before bed back or feet massage. Please always patch test beeswax balms in a small area before applying to children

Bee balm contains lavender essential oil which is so relaxing and perfect for helping you off to sleep


  1. As a heel balm

For cracked heels we recommend our honey and calendula ointment as its loaded with skin repairing shea butter, calendula, jojoba, beeswax and honey. You could also use any of our beeswax balms for some foot relief. Beeswax balms are perfect for a foot massage


  1. for stretch marks, sore patches, mozzie bites, stings, burns, sunburn, splinters and skin irritations of any sort

Keep a pot in your kitchen, bathroom and in your first aid cabinet



  1. Honey bee balm, honey lip balm and honey and calendula ointment are all safe to use on your pooch! If your dog suffers from cracked, sore or dry paws, heat spots or irritated skin, the ingredients in these products might help them to feel better and provide some relief

I discovered this only recently after a grass seed was stuck in between one of my dogs’ toes. After removing the grass seed. I popped a bit of ointment on the area to help it heal and it worked beautifully

Please make sure to patch test before use on a small area and only use a small amount

Please make sure to only use these products (Honey bee balm, ointment and lip balm as they are all essential oil free)



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