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Organic Rosewater What is it and why should you be using it on your skin?

by Melanie Young on November 23, 2022

Organic Rosewater

What is it and why should you be using it on your skin?


Organic rosewater is made by steaming and steeping organic rose petals in water

Many rose petals are needed to create rosewater and give rosewater its signature, subtle rose fragrance


Rosewater has long been used as a healing and beautifying ingredient. The Romans were the first to document the healing powers of rosewater, they advised rosewater for over 30 different ailments!

Cleopatra reportedly regularly bathed her face and body in rosewater  


Rosewater has a long history, especially in the middle East, where it is prized for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-anxiety, and antioxidant properties and is used in food (Turkish delight, anyone?) cosmetics, medicine and perfumes


Here at Flowerdale Valley, we love rosewater and we use organic rosewater in our Rosewater spritzer (pure rosewater) and in our Rosewater Hya Glow (rosewater and hyaluronic acid serum)


Rosewater Benefits




  • Helps to Balance Skin pH Levels: Rosewater has the same pH as skin. Using skin care products that are the same pH as skin is so important, as changes in pH levels can stress skin and cause breakouts, dryness, irritation, age spots and fine lines
  • Helps Ease Redness: rosewater has an astringent effect on the blood capillaries close to the skin surface. Applying rose water helps ease redness caused by the enlarged capillaries
  • May Hydrate Your Skin: Rosewater feels refreshing on the skin and can help keep it hydrated. It is popularly used in toners or mists to minimize the appearance of pores as mists to refresh your makeup, soothe sunburns, and boost the efficacy of DIY masks. Traditionally, women bathed in rose water to keep their skin soft, smooth, and glowing.
  • Has Antimicrobial Effects:Rosewater has antimicrobial effects. A study found that rosewater has an antibacterial effect against strains of Aureus (cause acne),  Coli, C. Violaceum, and several other bacteria, it’s the rose essence in the rosewater that helps to minimize acne and keep your skin healthy.
  • Contains Antioxidants: Rosewater has antioxidant properties. The extracts of this rose have free radical scavenging properties This may reduce oxidative stress and help improve signs of aging to maintain youthful skin.
  • May Heal Wounds: Traditionally, rosewater and rose oil is used for wound healing Rose oil has anti-inflammatory benefits and antimicrobial properties. Rosewater may help heal wounds and irritation . It is a common home remedy for soothing razor burns.


With all these benefits, Rosewater may be just the thing you are looking for to add to your skincare routine.


For maximum benefits, use our rosewater spritzer on clean, fresh skin, morning and night, followed by your moisturiser or serum. Enjoy




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