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Hyaluronic acid serum for hair?

by Melanie Young on February 17, 2022

If you've been hearing about Hyaluronic acid a lot lately, this is because this ingredient is showing up in many beauty and skincare products.
Here at Flowerdale valley, we have a range of Hyaluronic Serums for use on your skin

But did you know that hyaluronic acid serum may also help improve hair health?

"Hyaluronic acid can absorb its weight in water, which adds moisture to hair follicles. This helps provide a smooth and less frizzy appearance.” Dr Beth Goldstein (dermatologist)

If your hair lacks hyaluronic acid, which can happen naturally with age, you’ll likely notice dry, thin locks.

You can use hyaluronic acid regardless of your hair type, Goldstein says. It'll help your hair follicles lock in moisture, banish frizz, and potentially add volume to your mane. If you have trouble with dry skin on your scalp, hyaluronic acid can also help moisturize any flaky, dry areas"

Sounds good

So How do you use Hyaluronic acid serum in your hair?

I've recently replaced my usual leave in conditioner treatment with our hyaluronic acid serum with Kakadu plum

I just squirt a few pumps into the palms of my hands and then apply to my hair daily when it's wet in the morning from my shower. The serum makes my long hair easier to brush and tames the frizz

I then brush it through and leave my hair to air dry
The Kakadu plum serum is the only one of our serums that contains glycerin which is also a humectant and is also great for hydrating and Smoothing your hair so I chose this variety because my hair can be frizzy

You might like to try our Rosewater or vitamin B5 hyaluronic acid serum instead of the Kakadu plum variety as they don't contain glycerin but both Rosewater and vitamin B5 (panthenol) are wonderful for hair as well.

Another way to use Hyaluronic acid serum is as a hair mask, this would be helpful if you have a dry scalp
Pop some hyaluronic Serum though your hair and onto your scalp and leave on overnight or for some time before washing it out

I've been really happy with the results of my new hair routine
I like knowing that the ingredients I'm putting on my hair are adding to my hair's health

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