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Bee stings 🐝🐝

by Melanie Young on February 17, 2022
Bee stings 🐝
When bees are away from their hives, they are usually so busy gathering pollen that you can stroke them touch them etc and they don't mind

So don't worry if there are bees around your garden or if you need to pass by some flowers that they are foraging on, they will not bother you

And if a bee lands on you,
it's because it's curious.
Keep calm and Just be still, take a breath and let the bee explore for a bit.
Once it realizes you're not a flower and have no sweet nectar or pollen to offer it, it will go peacefully on its way.
If you start making sudden movements or trying to swat at the bee, you could get stung

Unfortunately ( for the bee) I stood on a bee when I was barefoot in the garden last week

It didn't hurt for more than a minute or so. The key is to remove the stinger from your skin asap

Even when close to their hives, many bees are quite docile unless they are feeling threatened

Beekeepers always keep to the sides and backs of the hives so that the bees don't feel like their access to the hive is blocked

Fascinating creatures these bees aren't they?

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