When to use which product?

Which Product is right for me? &

Which Product should I use when?

Great Questions.

We get asked this a lot. So ,here is your definitive guide to using the right product at the right time

Morning Cleansing

Most of us dont need to use a cleanser in the morning, just a quick rinse in the shower or a warm face washer wipe is enough. and doesn’t dry the skin out. For under 30s or oily skin, you may find that you need to use a mild cleanser.

Morning Moisturizing

After showering, hyaluronic acid serum followed by a moisturizer is a great idea

Hyaluronic acid is not really an acid. It nurtures & hydrates your skin, giving your skin back the hyaluronic acid that is a natural component of your skin that is lost as we age.

Applying hyaluronic acid serum  first gives you an extra layer of hydration and a dewy glow. It’s a very light gel that is best applied to damp skin.

We sell hyaluronic acid on its own & also with added vitamin c. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that brightens skin and diminishes sebum & discolouration. But vitamin C can also irritate sensitive skin so we give you the choice.

After hyaluronic acid serum, choose a moisturizer that suits your skin.

for oily, normal or young skin, for daytime use, choose the Shea butter, lavender & orange moisturizer. It’s lighter than a balm or oil. But gives your skin great hydration & repair without greasiness.

For mature or dry skin, you may like to try Precious Face Oil or Bee Balm.

Both will give your skin the hydration that it needs in a concentrated form.

We based the Bee Balm formulation on a recipe that Cleopatra is said to have used, sweet almond, lavender, avocado & jojoba. Mixed with raw beeswax & honey which have some truly magnificent benefits for the skin.

Precious Face Oil is a mixture of exotic oils chosen for their amazing skin benefits. There’s pomegranate seed oil, cherry seed oil, rosehip, marula & rose essential oil in this wonderfully nurturing & hydrating oil.

Night Cleansing

At night it’s important to cleanse our skin as we all know.

We love Flowerdale Valley cleansing Balm because it’s very easy to use, removes everything, doesnt dry skin out, smells great & you don’t need to tie yout hair back when you use it!

You just need a small amount of balm rubbed together on your palms. Spread this onto your face (including eyes) then wet the included cloth with warm water. Drape this on your face for a few moments to deep clean. Then just wipe everything off!

At night time, we recommend Bee Balm or Precious Face Oil to give your skin some serious hydration and repair overnight

If you are using our retinol serum, then apply this over the top of your chosen moisturiser or serum.

The retinol serum will, over time, make your skin smoother and more even toned, reduce fine lines & reduce congested pores.

Weekly Treatments

For those special days where life is not so hectic & you have time for some relaxation, it’s a great idea to do a hair and face mask to leave you looking fabulous.

A Beautiful Glow turmeric mask really does make your skin glow.

It’s a dry powder that you mix into a paste as needed and then apply to your skin.

It gives your skin a deep pore cleanse,balances and brightens skin and also hydrates. You will love the benefits of using this mask once or twice weekly.

Flowerdale Valley strengthen, repair and grow hair oil is also designed to give great results when used once or twice weekly. To use as a mask, apply to hair for 20 minutes or overnight to give resilience, shine and nutrition back to dry and lackluster hair.

Derma Rolling

Derma Rolling can be a great way to renew & refresh your complexion

A derma roller is a hand held tool with a wheel of tiny needles on it.

The needles create tiny pricks into your skin’s surface which then alerts your skin to produce more collagen and elastin. Both of which help our skin to look young, firm & fresh.

A derma roller should only be used once a week ( or twice a week at most) to enable your skin to fully heal between uses.

To get the most out of derma rolling, use a serum, balm or oil before and after rolling.

Then use the roller all over your skin ( avoiding eyes and lips) don’t spend more than a few seconds rolling on each area to ensure you will not irritate your skin.

Our derma roller has.05 length needles on it, which is perfect for beginners and for home use.

We welcome your feedback. Please get in touch via our contact us page if you have further questions about when to use which product.

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