Precious Face Oil 50ml Refill Pouch

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  • Containing an exotic blend of oils chosen specifically for their moisturising and anti-aging benefits, these precious oils will give your skin all the hydration and nutrients that it needs to look young, healthy & vibrant.
    The carrier oils and essential oils in this formulation each carry unique and amazing properties that benefit your skin naturally to give you a fresher, rejuvenated and youthful appearance from the inside. This blend of luxurious oils was carefully chosen to provide deep, lasting hydration and healing. All skin types can benefit from the nourishing and moisturizing effects of Precious Face Oil. Pat just a few drops onto your face to experience improved skin health and appearance, as well as a natural rose, frankincense & lavender scent from pure essential oils.

Heals and nourishes skin
Refines and diminishes pores
Improves moisture retention for a more youthful look and feel
Limits the production of free radicals with antioxidants
Precious Face Oil tones and calms skin naturally
Hydrates skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines


Sweet almond oil ~ for vitamin E, good fats, proteins. Potassium & zinc. Very moisturizing, helpful for refining pores & reducing fine lines
Cherry kernel oil~ helps to refine pores and reduce wrinkles, helpful for soothing skin
Contains vitamin A and E and antioxidants
Marula oil ~ known as Africa’s beauty secret from the seed of the Marula tree. Contains lots of omegas, vitamin C and E
Helps to build healthy collagen in the skin, keeps skin elasticity, reduces the signs of aging. Marula oil is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Rosehip oil ~ contains vitamin E and lots of omegas, calms and hydrates skin, protects skin from sun damage, vitamin a, lycopene, beta-carotene to help improve skin texture restores and retains skins moisture levels and regulates sebum production.

Pomegranate oil ~contains vitamin C, antioxidants and punicic acid which has strong anti-inflammatory properties, to keep skin from aging, penetrates deeply into the skin to increase moisture levels
Very soothing and hydrating calms irritation and redness, improves the texture of skin, increases collagen production
Essential oils of rose, frankincense, lavender & myrrh all chosen for their skin healing abilities

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