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Gently does it Bundle
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Gently does it Bundle


One of the most important things with skincare once we are past our 20s is to be gentle


It's important not to dry out, overscrub or use lots of undecipherable ingredients 


It's also important to do some skincare to help with cell turnover, keep pores clean and nourish and hydrate your skin 

We've done all the hard work for you 

We've  put together this bundle full of our best-sellers 

So if you're looking to gently start using skincare that suits your skin, look no further 

This skincare bundle gives you everything you need to start a skincare routine, even if you've never used skincare before 

This bundle contains:

Take it All Off Cleansing Balm 100gm

(This product comes with a soft face cloth)

To cleanse, remove makeup and grime and hydrate your skin with jojoba oil and shea butter

Hyaluronic acid and B5 serum 50ml

To add Water, collagen boosting Hyaluronic acid and skin strengthening vitamin B5 back into your skin and help with fine lines, pigmentation and hydration

Rosehip and Shea gentle face moisturiser 100gm 

Made with loads of rosehip oil, Shea butter and Australian lavender essential oil, this super popular moisturizer sinks into your skin and leaves it moisturized, refreshed and hydrated but not greasy

This is great for day and night use

Bee Balm 90gms 

Our best selling product. Perfect for nighttime use or for daytime on dry skin. Great for your neck and decolletage area. An ultra moisturizing balm made using all Australian ingredients, plus beeswax and honey from our hives 

 ***also included is a muslin face cloth for gentle exfoliation***

Printed instructions are also provided so you know how and when to use each product but you will find this routine simple and easy  to follow 

Product information 

Take it All Off Cleansing Balm and cloth duo 

Make a clean break from traditional, harsh cleansers that strip skin of its natural, protective oils with this spa-inspired, single-step cleansing face balm and makeup remover all-in-one.
Formulated with rich, creamy, conditioning shea butter, hydration-boosting botanical jojoba oil, and exotic essential oils of rose and mandarin, this unique cleansing face balm contains an all-natural, olive oil emulsifier that binds to makeup, grease, and grime to gently and effectively remove from skin – no rinsing required!  Safe for removing foundation, sunscreen, lipstick, and eye makeup without stinging or stripping.  Soft cloth effortlessly wipes away hard-to-budge beauty products, like waterproof mascara, leaving skin completely clean, comfortable, and beautifully balanced.  This time saving facial cleansing balm eliminates the need for double cleansing without leaving skin feeling greasy, grimy, and unclean, like other traditional facial cleansing balms on the market. An enchanting mix of floral and sweet-smelling fragrances will instantly transport you to a peaceful mindset

What’s Inside:

All ingredients are 100% natural, and many come from right here in Australia.  Come clean with these luscious, skin-loving ingredients in every jar:
Shea Butter – Extracted from the nut of the African shea tree and celebrated for centuries for its intensely deep moisturizing, medicinal, and anti-inflammatory properties, shea butter is a fatty acid and vitamin -rich salve that nourishes and conditions damaged, dry, or irritated skin, while boosting elasticity and promoting tight, toned, soft, and smooth skin.
Jojoba Oil – A beautifying botanical oil similar to the natural oils found in the human body, jojoba is a real hydrating hero!  Packed with nourishing vitamins B and E, including iodine, this plant-based oil most seamlessly sinks into skin, imparting an illuminating glow.
Essential Oils – An intoxicating, exotic blend of rose and mandarin essential oils will whisk you away to the beautiful beaches of Australia.  Rose essential oil is especially cherished for its anti-aging and hydrating superpowers.  The evocative sweet, citrusy floral fusion will lift your mood without irritating sensitive skin types.  A perfect addition to any self-care, skincare ritual.
Olive Oil-based Emulsifier – All-natural binding agent that effectively removes makeup, sunscreen, dirt, and excess oil for innovative, no-rinse facial cleansing.  No rinsing.  No residue.
Rub a small amount between hands to warm and de-solidify.  Apply to dry skin, lips, and lids and gently massage using circular motions to help “break-up” makeup, dirt, and debris.  Using the soft cloth, gently wipe away the balm, revealing clean, soft, and smooth skin.

Beauty Benefits:

Take-anywhere facial cleanser that’s perfect for girls and guys on-the-go
No rinsing required.  Skip the skin and get clean, baby-soft skin in seconds!
The anti-aging, time-saving antidote to the double-cleansing skincare craze.
Reduces redness, prevents flare-ups, and boosts hydration
Leaves skin beautifully balanced without feeling slick, sticky, or unclean
Pure, non-detergent formulation won’t strip skin of its natural, protective oils

Hyaluronic Acid B5 Serum

What it Is:
Pump up the volume on your skin’s youthful beauty, radiance, and firmness, while boosting long-lasting moisture with this complexion-plumping super serum. Packed with anti-aging panthenol (vitamin B5), this multi-tasking skin elixir is perfect for all skin types. Each beautifying bottle is handcrafted in small batches by a private, family-owned business based in Australia’s beautiful Victoria region and is formulated with high active, 100% natural Australian ingredients ensuring unparalleled efficacy and satisfaction.

A low molecular weight version of hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) is used to ensure quick absorption into the skin’s deepest layers for optimal “plumping” power, while panthenol helps to “iron out” the complexion’s creases and crinkles. A perfect anti-aging serum plus hero hydrator all in one. Makes the ultimate pre-moisturiser primer that preps, perfects, and “plumps” the skin for effortless application that lasts from breakfast to bedtime.
What’s Inside:
Plump, perfect, pamper, and prettify with a proprietary blend of these sophisticated, scientifically advanced skincare ingredients:
Sodium Hyaluronate – This low-molecular, vegan, bacterial-derived version of hyaluronic acid has the innate ability to deeply penetrate the skin’s surface for instant “plumpification,” youthful firmness, and long-lasting moisture retention. Plus results that can be seen over time as well.


Naturally found in the human body, hyaluronic acid attracts and retains 1000 times its own weight, making it a superior hydrator. Skin is left lubricated, super smooth, beautiful, and bouncy.

Hyaluronic acid is Produced naturally by the skin and it’s one of the most important components of the dermis (the layer of skin between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissues). … It has been scientifically proven that a daily application keeps the skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

Panthenol – Also known as vitamin B5 and commonly found in high-end haircare, panthenol also possesses wow-worthy skin benefits. Rejuvenating and restorative, panthenol soothes and smooths skin, while encouraging skin to build resiliency against potential damage. Panthenol is also a touted anti-ager as it promotes cellular regeneration on a molecular level.
After cleansing, apply a few pumps on slightly dampened skin. Gently pat into skin until fully absorbed. Follow with moisturizer, face oil, Bee Balm, or sunscreen. (Or mix with any of these in your hands to “thin out” balms or oils before application) Can also be used in place of moisturizer for oilier skin types. Apply before makeup to plump and prep skin for an even, flawless makeup application.

Beauty Benefits:

Hydrate and heal, while reducing wrinkles and fine lines in one routine-simplifying, supercharged, multi-tasking skin miracle.
Low molecular sodium hyaluronate ensures optimal penetration and deep delivery for pleasingly plump results.
Panthenol supports skin’s natural strength response, while keeping skin smooth and soft to-the-touch.
Doubles as an innovative makeup primer for its plumping prowess and lightweight, silky-smooth texture

Bee Balm


What it is:

Discover what makes our beloved Bee Balm a “beauty gem in a jar.”

Treasured for centuries by apothecaries for its renowned anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties, pure, Australian beeswax holistically heals, hydrates, nourishes, and conditions from head to toe.

Added to a beautifying blend of sweet almond, jojoba, and avocado botanical oils, plus vitamin E-enriched, 100% natural Australian beeswax, raw Australian honey, and essential oil of lavender, this Flowerdale Valley Bee Balm provides a bevy of beauty benefits for the entire family.

From healing minor skin abrasions and wounds to quenching dry, parched skin to inducing much-needed slumber, this easy-to-use, multi-tasking, Australian-made beauty balm is sure to soothe the soul and stir the senses with every rich, relaxing rub.

This signature-scent and proprietary-formulated bee balm is all the buzz.

What’s Inside:
All ingredients are 100% grown and bottled in Australia, from the farm to you. Each luxurious jar of Flowerdale Valley Bee Balm is abounding with the following all-natural, skin-saving ingredients:

Sweet Almond Oil – Rich in vitamin E, fatty acids, potassium, and zinc, this cold-pressed oil instantly melts into your skin, delivering deep, long-lasting, healing hydration without ever feeling greasy.

Beeswax – Believed to be the beauty secret of Cleopatra, beeswax is packed with powerhouse antioxidant vitamin E and helps to promote cell regeneration for a more youthful-looking appearance.

Raw Australian Honey – A superior skin protectant with anti-inflammatory qualities, raw Australian honey is also an effective skin humectant, helping to retain vital moisture levels within the skin’s lipid layer.

Jojoba Oil – Packed with nourishing vitamins B and E, including iodine, this plant-based, botanical oil most resembles that found in human skin. Every  drop seamlessly sinks into skin, enveloping skin with a gorgeous glow.

Avocado Oil – This botanical oil, fatty acid-rich oil helps smooth and refine texture for touchably soft skin.

Essential Oil - Australian lavender is an intoxicating scent that's herbal, woody and sweet all at the same time

And lavender is great for keeping wrinkles at bay and healing skin

Beauty Benefits:

Just a small amount of this exotic-smelling, buttery beeswax balm is all you need to fulfill all your most pressing beauty needs. Here are just a few of its many uses:
Rub a bit of the beeswax balm along your temples prior to meditation practice or prayer to help harmonize mind, body, and spirit.

Apply a small amount on the chest, feet, and/or earlobes (safe for restless children, too! Please check for bee product allergies or nut allergies first) to help induce sleep.
Apply to minor skin wounds, abrasions, or burns. Perfect for soothing sunburned or windburned skin.
Use as an effective makeup remover or post-wax treatment.
Swap your go-to night cream and slather a small amount of this beeswax balm all over the face, neck, and down décolletage before bed and awake to glowing, gorgeous skin or apply on top of your moisturiser or serum for best results

Pamper precious peepers when used as a hydrating, anti-aging eye cream.
After bath or shower, slather your body top-to-bottom for long-lasting, succulent moisture that will leave your skin baby-soft and beautiful.
Soften soles and soothe tired tootsies by rubbing a coin-sized amount into feet before bed. Bonus tip: slip feet into cotton socks for deep hydration that lasts and lasts. Do the same for hands by wearing gloves!
Use as a deeply hydrating face mask by applying a rich, thick layer over a clean complexion. Leave for twenty minutes and excess away with soft tissue.





If you're looking for a natural, Australian moisturiser that can do it all, from your face cream, to a heel balm, to helping your children get to sleep soundly each night.....then this Bee Balm is just  what you have been looking for



Contains: Cold pressed Australian Avocado, sweet almond and jojoba oils, Raw beeswax and honey from my hives, Australian pure lavender essential oil

*Please always patch test, especially on children. Although this is 100% natural, some people are allergic to bee products or nut oils 


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