About Me

Hi, my name is Mel, welcome to Flowerdale Valley

I’ve always been into beauty products. Often whipping things up in the kitchen to slather on my skin! I like simple, uncomplicated formulations with short ingredient lists that don’t use any harmful or unnecessary ingredients.

We are a beekeeping family, so I had easy access to an ample supply of honey and beeswax. I began using these ingredients in my own skin care products after researching their benefits. The first product I created was Bee Balm, a moisturizing balm for use on the face, hands, and body. I loved making bee balm, so I began experimenting with other products and started a business.

Now The Flowerdale Valley brand includes serum, cleanser, soaps, face wash bars, shampoo and conditioner bars, face oil, moisturizers and growing all the time

We continue to commit ourselves to genuinely natural ingredients with the exception of preservatives used in some products to keep your products from spoiling or becoming ineffective before you’re finished with them.

Flowerdale Valley products are created by me  in rural Flowerdale, country Victoria

I value and appreciate my customers immensely

If I can be of any assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to email me at

[email protected] or use the contact form or the WhatsApp chat button on this site


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