About Me

Like most people, I’ve always tried to take good care of my skin and hair. It was always frustrating to me that every product I wanted to use had a massive list of strange ingredients. I know a chemical isn’t necessarily dangerous just because it’s hard to pronounce, but looking into these ingredients revealed that an alarming number of ingredients that I didn’t want anywhere near my skin.

A product that says “natural” on the label often only has one or two natural ingredients, mixed with a whole bunch of ingredients that aren’t good for your skin and hair or wellbeing in general.

We are a beekeeping family, so I had easy access to an ample supply of honey and beeswax. I began using these ingredients in my own skin care products after researching their benefits. The first product I created was Bee Balm.

Bee Balm quickly became popular and my business expanded to address more, common skin and hair care concerns like the effects of aging. By eliminating harsh chemicals and the coloring and fragrance needed to mask them, we ended up with formulas that consist of mostly active ingredients. These formulas are effortlessly more effective than standard cosmetic products, simply because they’re more active.

Flowerdale Valley is no longer centered around bee products, but we continue to commit ourselves to genuinely natural ingredients with the exception of preservatives to keep your products from spoiling or becoming ineffective before you’re finished with them.
Flowerdale Valley products are created by me on a cherry farm in rural Flowerdale, so you can be sure that your products are made with care.